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You can bet that this message got Toyota's attention !!

Pay-Back.Org Service

The standard Pay-Back service consists of :

A highly visible Aerial Banner consisting composed of brilliant red nylon letters followed by the Pay-Back.Org Logo, flown over a target location selected for publicity value and traffic.

A standardized Pay-Back Web Page, published on the Pay-Back Website for one year, with HTML keywords set to give good internet publicity, and including an image if the pay-Back Banner, as it flew. See a sample here !

An electronic copy via email of the pay-Back Banner, as it flew.

A link (if desired) to a personal web page of your choice.

Deletion of the web page at the end of the year.

Additional Pay-Back service are available: :

Corrections to the Pay-Back web page.

Additional Publicity events.

Retractions of Pay-Back events due to mis-representation.

Key Benefits

bulletResponse time is FAST - Your pay-back can be working for you within 3 days !
bulletThis is truly the Pay-Back that keeps on giving !

Pay-Back.Org Pricing

Description Order Code Price
Complete Pay-Back.Org Service with a Single Publicity Flight (Most Cities) PB-01 $639.00
Additional Publicity Flight (Most Cities) PB-02 $589.00
Web Page Setup, Digital Photograph, Full 1 Year Web Publication PB-03 Included !
Ferry Charges where Publicity Flight is more than 20 miles from Airport PB-FC Ask for Pricing!!


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