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Public Service Banners and Billboards

Would you really like to get your public service message across to large cross section of the Bay Area commuters,  or those in Los Angeles or any of the many other cities in California (or across the country!)  at a very affordable price ? Fly an Aerial Public Service Message Banner ! Click here to see some great samples!

 Aerial Public Service Message Banners are brilliant red and either 5 or 7 high and can be flown over almost any locations, such as:

The Golden Gate Bridge, the waterfront, a baseball or football game, any of the 342 miles of freeway, . . . Be as creative as you want !

For messages that will be frequent and repetitive, we recommend the selection of a re-usable Flying Billboard. Call us to discuss the details and pricing.

For freeway displays, we keep the banner at just the right viewing angle and at a slow speed so drivers can easily read the message.

And, of course, we send you a digital image of the banner as it is flying, so you have a memento your message.

Campaign Title Picture Link Press Release Link
Avoid the 125 Click Here for Picture Click Here for Press Release
Vote 2004 Click Here for Picture Click Here for Press Release
Don't Drink and Drive! Click Here for Picture Click Here for Press Release

Key Benefits

bulletStunning and Memorable !  Really gets lots of attention !
bulletinexpensive - less than 25% of competing media costs.


Description Order Code Price
Aerial Public Service Message Banner Flight - SF Bay Area Locations PB-01 $489.00
Ferry Charges to remote locations PB-02 Call for estimate
Digital Photo of  Public Service Banner PH-01 No Charge


Aerial Political Message Banner Information Request Form

Please fill in the form, and let us know how to best contact you. Required fields are marked by an *. We will validate your requested date and venue, and contact you via email or telephone within 24 hours.

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