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Aerial Political Message Banners

Really want to get your political message across to large cross section of the Bay Area, Los Angeles or any of the other cities in California (or across the country at a very affordable price ? Fly an Aerial Political Message Banner ! Click here to see some great samples! Or look at the dramatic Billboard (shown above) flying over the state capital!

Rapid Response Service TM

Imagine - you candidate is attacked in a television ad - What do you do ? Call us and we will put your responsive message over constituents and voters as they drive to and from work. Try that with Television ! We might even beat the newscasts!

 Locations where we fly Aerial Political Messages are varied and flexible.

San Francisco Bay Area - The Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, the waterfront, a baseball or football game, any of the 342 miles of freeway, the Shoreline Amphitheater, a place of business  . . . Be as creative as you would like!

We can move aircraft anywhere in California for special projects! Want your message to be in the air over the Governor or Senator every time they have an event ? We can be there !

GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Campaigns are especially effective with Aerial Media - In a recent California campaign we reached 5 Million commuters on election day - and they had to read our message !

Exposure counts will vary based on the event or venue.

A message targeted at rock fans over a concert will gather the event attendance plus the freeway traffic near the location. Typically this will be in the 50,000 exposure range.

Freeway commute exposure will range between 80,000 to an astonishing 210,000 per each flight hour, depending on location and timing. Typical flights will be 2-3 hours in duration. A single exehibition can reach as many as 1.5 million commuters in a single day in a large metropolitan area.

County wide exposures are highly effective, get lots of Buzz, and set candidates apart from the pack.

Message Turnaround time can be almost as fast as needed.

Letter banners (5 and 7 foot) can be assembled and flown iwith less than 24 hours lead time in a crucial situation, assuming the display location is somewhat local to the assembly point.

Aerial Billboards and Aerial Logos take about a  week from final artwork to finished goods.

Computer generated letter banners, as high as 15 feet, can be made with a 2 day turnaround.

All can be moved inexpensively via FedEx or UPS and available for local flights almost anywhere in the country on a 24 hour notice.

We are normally accurate to within a minute or so, and our pilots are great at finding just the best way to surprise everyone with a dramatic revelation turn. With this, you almost cannot see the banner until the plane makes the final turn - then Voila !! Or, if the presentation is a freeway display, we keep the banner at just the right viewing angle and at a slow speed so drivers get an average of 17 seconds of exposure and can easily read the message.

We send you a digital image of the banner as it is flying, so you have an additional way to get exposure by issuing press releases with image content or adding the image to your web site.

Key Benefits

bulletStunning and Memorable !  Really gets lots of attention !
bulletinexpensive - less than 25% of competing media costs.
bulletFAST ! you can have a visual rebuttal or statement flying within a day!


Description Order Code Price
Aerial Political Message Banner or Billboard Flight - (up to 1 hour ) PB-01 $549.00
RapidResponse (TM) (depending on Venue) RR-02 Call for Estimate
Additional Banner Hours - AH-01 $425.00
Ferry Charge - Per mile FC-02 $1.50
Pilot Time - Per non-exposure hour - PC-02 $35.00
Billboard Production - Digital Printed - up to 15'x60', Priced Per Square Foot BP-02 $1.95
Billboard Production - Digital Printed - up to 30'x120', Priced Per Square Foot BP-03 $1.50
Did It Fly(TM) GPS Track Report (per flight charge) TR-01 $50.00
Digital Photo of  Political Banner PH-01 No Charge

Interested ? Send an email to us at Sales@AerialServices.Org


Political Message Resource Links

Look at these sites for more information - They have great resources !

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Campaign Checklists - every topic is covered !


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