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Thousands of listeners tuned in to MEGA 100 FM as this was flown along the freeway !!

Aerial Billboards 

Aerial Billboards are custom signs that fly with no letters attached, and range in sizes typically between 10 feet to 25 feet tall and up to 100 feet in length

These signs have computer enhanced artwork, contain vibrant colors and are large and impressive! Billboard availability is about 2 weeks after approval of artwork. Cost for a custom made color banner is about $4.00 per square foot.  A 20 X 30 foot banner (like a giant business card in the sky) would cost (20 X 30 = 600 X $2.00 = $1200) complete.    This is a one time expense and will deliver hundreds of hours of flight time with proper maintenance.  Custom signs can be built with heights between 10 and 30 feet and lengths from 20 to 100 feet are possible.

Click on the link to see some  Great Billboard Samples:

Key Benefits

bulletYour Company Logo adds immediacy and quick visual recognition to the message.
bulletLarger display area means more complex messages can be presented.


Description Order Code Price
Single Billboard Tow SBB-01 $549.00
Additional Hour(s) - Same Flight BAH-01 $425.00
Billboard Repair Per Hour (Materials extra) BR-01 $45.00
Billboard Manufacture BB-01 Call for Pricing!!
Advertising Campaign - Bulk Bookings AC-BT Call for Pricing!!
Monthly Billboard Storage - Waived if billboard is flown ST-01 $20.00

Trade and multi hour discounts are available - Call !

Interested ? Send an email to us at Sales@AerialServices.Org

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