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You can bet that this got attention !!

Aerial Letter Banners

The standard Aerial Letter Banner consists of 5 foot red nylon letters and may be up to 40 characters in length. The letters are made of high-strength, light weight brilliant red nylon material. A 7 foot Aerial Banner is available, and is limited to 30 characters in length.

You may select from the following: Letters (A-Z), numbers (1-9), large punctuation marks (&, $, ?, !, #, %, (), +, /, ), small punctuation marks (dash, period, comma, apostrophe), double punctuation marks (colon, semicolon, quotes, equal sign). Specialized forms such as hearts, may also be available.

Banners require a minimum of a 1 day lead time to assemble, although we prefer a week. 

Click on this link to see some  Great Letter Banner Samples

Funeral Banners

Few people spend their time reading newspaper obituaries. And it is often difficult for family members to communicate their loss to the larger community. A solution to this is to fly a Funeral Banner

Click on this link to go to the Funeral Banner page.


Key Benefits

bulletResponse time is FAST - Your message can be working for you tomorrow !
bulletMessages can change - be topical and keyed to current events.


Description Order Code Price
Personal Banner Message - SF Bay Area Locations SBT-01 $549.00
Commercial or Political Letter Banner - Commute Traffic 120,000 exposures SBT-02 $549.00
Advertising Campaign - Bulk Bookings AC-BB Call for Pricing!!


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